Anything could happen.

Available on Google Play (iTunes coming soon)

Explore what's happening around you,

wherever you are.

Going out alone

When you have Pajayo, you don't need friends to hang out with. Be adventurous and check out a new venue

Single and ready to mingle

With attendance stats you've got all the information you need to maximize your potential


Find yourself in a new place? Open up Pajayo and you're an instant local.

Girlfriend wants to go out?

No more same old bars, sitting around chit chatting. Pajayo shows you exciting events that are happening right now!

Plan your destiny

Use technology to your advantage and focus your energies on only the best events

Hungry for more?

Pajayo helps you out with bars and restaurant so you can grab a burger after clubbin'

Why we're the best

Our engineers worked long nights to get the right UX on what you need

  • One look overview = Quick decision making
  • Waze/Google Map Synergized
  • Masonry billboard style "Who's actually going?"
  • Stats to make you smarter!

Genius Map View

Trying to pack as much as possible while keeping everything super simple was no easy task. We present you with the product of our valiant efforts.

From the map view you'd be able to quickly see different filters which we'll be adding more of soon. These include gentlemen/ladies' stats, event start time, local bars and more!

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